The Loan Process

From prequalification to closing, we are committed to making the loan process as easy as possible for you.

Gather necessary information for the loan application.

  • Financial information: income, asset and expense (liabilities) information
  • If purchasing: estimated purchase price and down payment amount
  • If refinancing: estimated property value and loan amount

Begin Your Application.

We make it easy for you to apply for a loan.

  • Call us directly at 404-835-6500.
  • Request a consultation with a mortgage advisor
  • Apply online, and a mortgage advisor will follow up with you.

Provide Supporting Documents.

Once we have received your application, your mortgage advisor will provide you with important loan disclosure documents that you will review, sign, and return. Your advisor will also request additional documents and supporting information from you. To avoid delays in closing, please submit your information as quickly as possible.

Loan Processing and Underwriting

Your mortgage advisor will submit your loan application and supporting documentation for financial and property review and verification to the loan processing department. Our experienced loan processors will then:

  • Verify your employment, income, asset and liability information.
  • Order an appraisal from one of our certified appraisers to determine the appraised value and condition of your property.
  • Order other items such as title documents and flood certification, which may be required prior to closing.
  • Submit your loan documents to underwriting. The underwriting department will further review your application and documents for final approval.

Prepare for Closing

Once your loan application is approved, we will work with you, the closing attorney, and real estate agent(s), if applicable, to schedule a closing date and time for signing your final loan documents. During this process, the title to the property will be reviewed to warrant that you will have a clear title to the property. In addition, your homeowner’s insurance policy will be reviewed to confirm your coverage is adequate. Prior to your closing, the closing attorney will calculate your final closing costs so that you can obtain a cashier’s check (certified funds) for the closing costs and/or down payment.

Loan Closing (Settlement)

Finally, the closing attorney will receive and prepare all of your final closing document. At the time of your closing, you will review the paperwork with the attorney and sign.